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Offers you natural and Organic products exclusively from fruits, vegetables and herbs, to provide you with ingredients that are respectful of your metabolism and your daily natural care needs.

As a Naturopath, I continued my research in the natural wellness in Hong Kong from 2015 to 2018 with multicultural laboratories, convinced that the wellness passes in particular by the gestures and the consumptions which are part of our daily life. Depending on the choices we make, these foods or products will either be boosters of form and well-being, or aggravating factors of a tissue or organic degradation.

This is why our laboratories combine powerful plant-based active ingredients, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in their formulas.

You will have the pleasure of discovering a wide range of cosmetic products, nutritional supplements, herbal teas and teas carefully selected to satisfy your natural care needs.





Natural and organic cosmetics

You will find in our online store the products of care Bio and natural exclusively.

Our care creams are carefully selected to offer you the best of nature. Products of excellence, we offer you certified ranges at moderate prices.

The texture is both smooth and velvety, combining in its formula powerful active plant ingredients with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

The Eclats de Rose that you will find in our store, the liquid extracts as well as the floral waters, the skin and hair care products are also made from plants picked with the greatest care to keep the most virtue.

Organic nutritional supplements

You will find in our store a wide range of nutritional supplements to clean, boost and improve the general state of the body. We attach great importance to them because of their impact on well-being.

Algae for well-being, such as Chlorella

It helps to eliminate toxins from the metabolism, but also toxic products that we absorb daily (heavy metals, hydrocarbons, dioxins, pesticides).

Excellent stimulant of the immune system, Chlorella is the alga which contains the highest concentration of chlorophyll, which gives it its healing and energizing virtues.

Organic Spirulina

Natural, raised in alkaline water basins, it is fed with minerals exclusively

Spirulina contains more than 50% of vegetable proteins. It is a complete food that helps to rebalance the body

Helps to regain vitality

Prevents weight gain

We have thus targeted nutritional supplements by pathology.

The selection that we put at your disposal in our store of natural and organic products is the best answer that we can bring to the inflammatory manifestation of the organism, as well as to the tissue degradation of the skin, to the premature ageing, to the uncontrolled weight gain, by cosmetic products in particular of the carefully selected nutritional complements.

Young shoots, buds and Gemmotherapy

You will find in our store a wide range of exceptional plants from a rigorous selection of our specialized laboratories since 1940.

The Gemmotherapy or the medicine of the Buds occupies more and more an important place in the daily consumption of our customers who aspire to the well-being.

Our products are close to phytotherapy and draw their virtues from plants to prevent diseases and improve the general state of our customers.

For an optimal efficiency, we propose you the excellence of the young shoots, the buds and the rootlets. You will discover our glycerine macerates and their diuretic and draining properties for a long and deep detox.

The excellence of our teas and organic herbal teas

You will discover in our online store our vitality teas with organic hemp which gives you the same boost as coffee without its drawbacks.

Try our organic black teas, our spice infusions (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves).

We offer you a combination of spices and black tea, a traditional blend, a virtue booster, to stimulate digestion. In this aromatic journey to India, the intense, slightly smoky taste of black tea enhances the complex flavor of spices.

Your special moment in the morning not to be missed!

Our benefits

All our products are :

  • Natural and Organic
  • Made from fruits, vegetables and plants
  • Made in our renowned French laboratories, for an unforgettable “French Touch
  • Prices studied for high quality care at moderate prices
  • Effects and virtues reinforced thanks to mixes and boosters