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Castor oil for your beauty

Among the vegetable oils on the market, castor oil is a must.

Coming from the common castor, a shrub of tropical origin of the Euphorbiaceae family, it has many benefits not only for hair, but also for skin, migraines and insomnia.

It is also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory.

Our Organic Castor Oil, from Balqis, is 100% organically grown.

It is the product of our land, but also of French excellence!

Obtained from a first cold pressing, it is pure and virgin and guarantees a premium quality, ensuring the effectiveness of the active ingredients naturally present.

It has a triple A rating, an excellent UFC “Que choisir” score and has obtained the YUKA rating; excellent 100%.

Castor oil contains proteins that stimulate the production of collagen.

This effect on the skin cells makes it a good natural anti-wrinkle product.

However, it is important to ensure that only a few drops are applied to the wrinkles to avoid clogging the skin.

Castor oil also has lightening properties, due to its fatty acid composition.

You can therefore use it to remedy the brown spots that betray the effects of age on the face and hands.

It is also an ideal anti-dark circle treatment.

You can also use this vegetable oil to reduce dark circles.

Castor oil has a moisturising and softening effect, which is particularly effective against the stubborn bags under your eyes.

It activates blood circulation and promotes drainage.

It is notably composed of ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid that reinforces the skin’s protective barrier by providing suppleness, elasticity and hydration.

Castor oil also treats skin problems.

Oily skin also benefits from the virtues of castor oil.

It is an excellent antibacterial agent.

 Its composition makes it a purifying product that treats pimples and helps acne-prone skin.

This oil has a thick and viscous texture, it also moisturises the skin in depth and gradually reduces various skin problems such as eczema, herpes and burns.

Its action on the elasticity of the skin also makes it an essential ally against stretch marks.

The countless benefits of castor oil

– It relieves joint pain.

– Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

– It is therefore effective in relieving joint pain, but also muscle and tendon pain.

– It is particularly used to relieve arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, lumbago and other inflammatory pains.

Simply use your castor oil daily to gently massage the painful areas.

Castor oil calms migraines and helps to combat insomnia.

Castor oil gently soothes migraines. It is sufficient to use it regularly, before the onset of the crisis.

Its use is simple, a few drops on the fingers to gently massage the temples can reduce the pain and in some cases, make it disappear.

You can also use it against insomnia, or sleep disorders.

For this purpose, you can warm the castor oil slightly and after soaking a towel, massage the body in a circular motion.

Castor oil helps you to relax and prepare for sleep.