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Suppliers & Smart & Digital Logistics
Our alliance with the best

If we are your supplier, let’s also be your logistician.

Thanks to our alliance with the best!

Save time, increase efficiency and grow with the best cosmetic products, tracked and delivered on time.

We select the best products in organic cosmetics and reinforce your positioning with the made in France, by delivering you on time and at the best price.

We are committed to the best Sourcing in cosmetics but also, we optimize your E-commerce logistics by integrating you in our smart and digital system.

We put at your service the best French actors, in the whole chain that strengthens your E-commerce positioning and create a real alliance between our customers, our partners and our logisticians.

In order to provide you with high quality cosmetic products,

We make the choice of an optimal logistics, with the best

As the element of choice, Linking Wellness has created an unprecedented alliance between the best players in logistics and the best laboratories of the cosmetics Made in France.

All our customers, from the first order onwards, are connected from their physical stores, their online stores and their marketplaces to the most efficient logistics systems.

With experience, we have understood that the chain of storage, routing and delivery are the lungs of both E-commerce, import-export and any company that wants to impose itself on the world stage.

Smart logistics, with the most intuitive and easy-to-use software features, saves time and money for both suppliers and customers.

Our digitalized logistics system offers you continuous traceability, from the moment your products are packaged, in time and on time, from the routing of your merchandise to the delivery to your address, and this, anywhere in the world.

Make the difference now with pre-configured interfaces and time-saving features.

Expand your import/export capabilities

The challenge for customers who have chosen Linking Wellness as their partner is to benefit from the best customer services by adopting a proven and efficient system, from the choice of the best cosmetic brands made in France, certified natural and organic skincare creams, the most advanced laboratories, a transparent ordering system, and digital logistics to secure your supply.

Ask your supplier to be a booster for your E-commerce!

The alliance between suppliers and logistics

All the fears and anxieties of companies seeking to develop in international trade are lifted thanks to the handling of logistics tasks by some suppliers:

– Deliver to any address in any continent in record time

– Ensure automated order processing

– Provide customers with a hub that is constantly connected to the most efficient platforms

– Optimize and reduce delivery time

– Ensure real-time updates, visibility and traceability

– Ensure the follow-up and the update of the stocks available at our customers or in our warehouse

– Ensure seamless transit between sites, warehouses and e-systems

– Present our customers with a source of supply that provides a key answer to their problem

– Decline a delivery mode and return options prior to the order

– Decline a set of services adapted to the needs of our customers from the 4 corners of the planet

The E-commerce supplier must be equipped with the best platforms

A meticulously concocted sourcing of cosmetic products of excellence, an artisanal French Touch, an alliance with the best laboratories, but also with the actors of digital logistics and transport, a relentless watch on the supply is the objective of those who want to make the difference, and the credo of Linking Wellness.