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The Natural Way to Well-Being

The Perfect Self

We offer in our online store nutritional supplements 100% natural and organic, young shoots and rootlets, teas and herbal teas, and wild seeds.

They perfectly combine health, fitness and well-being.

To slim in the long-term, to boost the immune system, to stimulate the natural defences, but also to take care of your skin and hair, we offer you a complete range of Wild Seeds and the benefits of :

Star Anise


Borage Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Pumpkin seeds

They are real treasures of nutrients and your allies for detox and well-being.
You benefit from this careful selection of leaves, seeds, roots, vitamins A, B, C and E, and nutrients of their remineralizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties:

Wild Thyme


Stinging Nettle


Young shoots

Roots and rootlets

Glycerine macerates

Green tea

Black tea

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The benefits of our nutritional supplements with 100% natural ingredients.

Star Anise

A real support for the immune system, this plant is reputed to be very effective in dealing with seasonal changes, thinning the secretions of the nose and branches. If it helps to purify the stomach, it is also known to avoid bloating at the end of meals and regulate the menstrual cycle

Active vegetable charcoal

It purifies the digestive tract, helps to eliminate toxins and bacteria. The active vegetable coal Wild Seeds that we propose in our store is extracted according to a process known as activation of coconut shells, which make it possible to attract the molecules of the chemical substances that we absorb daily. Its action is essential in getting back into shape, it helps the body in its purification process and gives it a real boost of vitality.

The California Poppy

For your peaceful nights, we suggest the California poppy or Eschschoizia known to promote the process of falling asleep. Plant of the good mood and the relaxation, it is in particular used to decrease the stress.
It owes its virtues to the flowering aerial parts of the plant used for the elaboration of extracts concentrated in active ingredients and provides the necessary to a tired organism to help it to regain the calm, the serenity and a repairing sleep.

Bromelain, enzymatic complex

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme complex derived from the pineapple stem. From the
bromeliad family, it activates cell renewal and digestion.
It stimulates the immune system and helps the body to revitalize itself. Anti-inflammatory, painkiller and antimicrobial, Bromelain Wild Seeds contributes in particular to increase the basic metabolism and to revitalize a tired and inflammatory ground.

Our nutritional supplements reinforced actions

We propose in our online store concentrates of natural and organic active ingredients in capsules, for their protective and disinfecting virtues. They contribute to reinforce the natural defenses and to tone up the tired and weakened body. Their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make our nutritional supplements a must for a health cure.

Roots and their benefits

Discover the benefits of roots, the underground part of vegetable plants that offer an exceptional contribution in minerals.
– Carrot root
– Cinnamon in stem bark
– Bear’s garlic in leaf

Remineralizing, they stimulate immunity, they are rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, but also contain vitamins C and B1. Rich in good bacteria, they promote the improvement of the microbiota and the general state.