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Green clay powder – Argile du Velay


Size : 300 g

Want a 100% natural product to take care of you ?

Need to give your skin a glow ?

Do you notice dryness and new wrinkles?

Discover our Green Clay Powder from Velay Clay !

The Green Clay of Velay is composed of a mixture of 3 different clays: Illite, kaolin, Montmorillonite. Clay has been used for thousands of years to care for the body. This exclusive mixture reinforces its actions and properties. This green clay powder is rich in minerals and trace elements. This mixture can be used for 3 types of care essential for the well-being and the beauty: the mask, the bath and the therapeutic external application.

Thanks to this clay powder, you can make your own homemade masks for your face or your hair, according to your needs.

Green clay has many virtues:

– It fights against the problems of oily skin ;

– It helps healing and reduces inflammation ;

– It soothes and reduces edema ;

– It reduces cramps after an effort ;

– It regulates sebum;

– It eliminates impurities and toxins.

Directions for use

– Mask care : Pour the desired amount of clay in a glass or wooden container.

Add water and stir with a wooden spatula to obtain a smooth and homogeneous paste.

Adjust the consistency of the paste according to use.

– For a more liquid solution, this mineral powder can be used as clay water.

Add warm water, floral water or reinforce its actions with oils.

Usage :

– As a mask: Apply a thin layer of Green Clay paste from Velay on the neck and face

face, avoiding the eye and lip areas.

Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

In the bath : Sprinkle the water of your bath with Green Clay of Velay, then stir. Purifying, nourishing, softening care

In cataplasm: Apply the clay paste in a thick layer on the area to be treated.

Leave on for at least 1 hour. Rinse with lukewarm water.

For a perfect compatibility, do not hesitate to complete your organic routine with the other products available on our site.


100% green clay

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