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Who are we ?

The Perfect Self

Linking wellness is the world of beauty, wellness and well-being in the natural way.
We have put at your disposal an Online Shop for a wide range of products manufactured in our laboratories specialized in cosmetics and well-being from fruits, vegetables and plants. We have selected for you care products whose materials and components are respectful of the body and which combine perfectly beauty and well-being.

Cosmetics for a deep treatment

Our cosmetic products for the beauty of the skin, hair, and body come from nutrients derived
from plants, algae, the beehive, vegetables, and fruits.
For reinforced actions, we have privileged associations of powerful anti-oxidant active
ingredients, as well as vegetable oils to boost the anti-aging action, thanks to the deeply
moisturizing actions of our day and night creams, in order to better fight against the marks of
aging and against premature skin aging.

Our targeted skin care products treat all your needs in depth and combine beauty and well-being to perfection

The Beauty


Youth Recovery



You will find in our store the French cosmetic excellence :

Our targeted care products treat all your needs in depth and combine beauty and well-being to perfection

Skin care creams

Anti-wrinkle creams

Hair care

Body care

Floral waters

Make-up Removal Waters

Beauty Elixirs

Nutritional supplements

Our wellness products target the basic metabolism and its transformation process that allows to eliminate toxins and burn fat. The differences in metabolism from one person to another, which explains why some people tend to gain weight at the slightest deviation, require a boost from nutritional supplements and targeted care products to treat cellulite, water retention and weight gain.

We have focused our efforts on plants, wild seeds and their virtues. In order to offer targeted care to our customers, we have studied exclusive associations through reinforced actions. Our ranges are constantly being renewed according to our research and observations, especially according to the feedback from our customers who guide us thanks to their preferences and trends.

Plants, traditions and Wild Seeds


The success of associations such as Black Radish and Artichoke, Royal Jelly and Ginger, Propolis and Eucalyptus Honey, the complex Crystal Bud Elixirs made us grow the range offering Elixirs, Oils, Seaweed. We also target natural and organic products by pathology, the Triphala for intestinal transit, whose action is to

* Clean the intestine gently
* Regulate the transit
* Refining the silhouette
* Stimulate the flora

Our plus is to direct our customers to highly effective products for detox and elimination before the beauty cure, to maximize the effects.
We offer young shoots, rootlets for your regeneration cures as well as herbal teas and teas for your daily well-being.
The virtues of the black tea that you will find in our store are reinforced by the spices that promote assimilation, Turmeric, Ginger, Curry and the three peppers. Their benefits on the body and digestion are multiple, and fit perfectly into a detox cure.
Our therapists and consultants are at your disposal for any questions you may have, for your assessment requests as well as for your advice and purchase of health care products.

Our mission is to offer you certified organic products, made exclusively from natural fruits and plants, respecting your requirements in terms of well-being and natural beauty.
Our mission is to advise you in order to target your purchases to consume better and spend less.